Can Gorillas, Gopuff, Flink, Getir, Fridge No More, Jokr, Buyk, and all the other ultrafast delivery startups, survive?

Ultrafast delivery (delivery in 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on) is all the rage. But can all these ultrafast delivery startups survive? Ian Kerr and Marek Różycki discuss:

  • What differentiates the various startups like Gorillas, Flink, Getir, Gopuff, Fridge No More, Buyk, Jokr – is it speed or tech?
  • Quality of drivers
  • Serving local customers from a dark store
  • Customer experience in the last mile
  • Is ultrafast delivery a possibility in e-commerce?
  • Amazon driving customer expectations
  • Which startup will survive?
  • Partnerships, including partnerships with supermarkets
  • On-demand retail

Analysis from Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) and Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast).

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Ian, Marek

Marek Różycki and Ian Kerr are the Last Mile Prophets - the delivery world's most dynamic and informative experts.

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