Recent research shows that parcel delivery to pick-up drop-off points (PUDOs) reduces CO2 emissions.

Research from the Netherlands shows how parcel delivery to pick-up points (PUDOs) saves CO2 emissions in last mile parcel delivery networks.

With each additional parcel delivered via PUDOs the number of consumer home locations to be visited goes down, and so does the number of kilometres driven.

A shift of some 50% from home deliveries to the pick-up points will result in 17% less CO2 emissions in the last mile network and 33% less CO2 emissions in last mile for the parcels delivered via the pick-up points, compared to delivery to residential addresses.

  • Out-of-home results in one-third less carbon compared to residential deliveries
  • Would parcel lockers give more carbon savings?
  • Deliveries by electric vehicles
  • Total cost of ownership of electric vehicles vs internal combustion engines (Swiss Post findings)
  • Posten Norge’s findings of savings in electric vehicles
  • Cost of acquiring electric vehicles vs setting up a PUDO network
  • Parcels know-how in PUDOs
  • Getting technology right in PUDOs, including IDM (Interactive Delivery Management)
  • Selecting sites and partners for PUDO networks
  • Payment per parcel for PUDO partner operators
  • Systems and processes for loading parcels into parcel lockers
  • Trip chaining and customer parcel collection habits
  • Congestion and other related topics

Click here for some facts and figures on electric vehicle usage at Swiss Post.

Analysis from Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) and Ian Kerr (Postal Hub Podcast).

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